The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: Banking

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: Banking

Attack surface refers to all the ways in which an attacker can gain unauthorized access to a system, network, or application and includes all digital coverage that may provide an opportunity for an attacker to exploit a weakness or vulnerability.

As the digital presence of organizations on the internet increases, their attack surface increases at the same rate. This makes the attack surface management more and more difficult. When the attack surface reaches an uncontrollable size, the organization can be seriously damaged by attackers. With Attack Surface Management, continuous monitoring is performed on the attack surfaces that need to be managed and each digital asset is subjected to security assessment. As a result, security problems on the attack surface are detected, reported, and resolved with ASM. In this way, the uncontrollability caused by the growth of the attack surface is eliminated.

This report by ThreatMon will make sense of some of the popular threats facing organizations in the banking sector and assess their potential impact.

Key findings include:

  • Attack surface refers to digital areas that attackers can access without permission.
  • ASM performs monitoring and security assessments to control the attack surface.
  • Technological advances increase cyber attacks in the banking industry. Financial data and customer information are targets.
  • The report assesses threats in the banking industry and provides countermeasures.
  • With technological advances, cybersecurity measures are more critical than ever.

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