The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: Education

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: Education

In today's rapidly evolving technological world, the education sector must adapt to provide modern and efficient learning experiences. However, this progress also sends invitations to new and complex cybersecurity threats. Educational institutions are responsible for handling sensitive data, including student records, financial information, and research data, making them attractive targets for cyberattacks.

This report's main aim is to explore common threats faced by the education sector and assess their potential impact. It implies the importance of maintaining strict and strong cybersecurity measures while embracing technological advancements in education. The report will provide strategies to better prepare educational institutions against cyber threats and guidance on defending the attack surface to mitigate potential risks, ultimately ensuring the digital security of students, staff, and the institution's digital assets.

Key findings include:

  • "Attack surface", in the education sector, refers to all the potential avenues through which an attacker could gain unauthorized access to the educational institution's systems, networks, or applications.
  • As educational institutions increasingly digitize their operations, including online learning platforms, student records, and administrative systems, their attack surface grows proportionally.
  • When the attack surface becomes too vast and unmanageable, educational institutions can become highly susceptible to cyberattacks, which can result in significant damage, data breaches, and disruptions to teaching and learning.
  • ASM involves continuous monitoring and assessment of the attack surface to identify and address security issues. This proactive approach helps educational institutions detect, report, and mitigate security problems related to their attack surface.
  • By implementing ASM, academic institutions can regain control over their expanding attack surfaces and ensure their systems and data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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