The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: IT

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

The Importance Of Attack Surface Management For Industries: IT

Today, we live in an age where technological progress continues unabated. While these advances transform many industries, making them more effective and efficient, they also bring new and complex threats. Especially the IT sector has to keep up with new developments by coming to the forefront of these areas. The more IT companies keep up with these developments, the more they will develop and be able to appeal to more audiences. However, it may be possible that they become more vulnerable while following these developments. Some threats, while creating a sense of distrust towards companies, also cause financial damage.

This report from ThreatMon will understand some of the prevalent threats facing organizations in the IT industry and evaluate their potential impact. Keeping cyber security measures at the highest level while keeping up with technology is vital. This report aims to present strategies on how the IT industry can be better prepared against cyber threats and provide guidance on how IT organizations can defend the attack surface against potential cyber threats.

Key findings include:

  • As the digital presence of organizations on the internet increases, their attack surface increases at the same rate. 
  • Security problems on the attack surface are detected, reported, and resolved with ASM.
  • Data such as company data, customer data, and credit data in the IT sector are precious information for attackers.

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