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Unsupported Web Server Discovered



Unsupported web servers are those whose support has been discontinued by the provider, receiving no software updates, and typically lacking security patches. These servers operate with outdated software versions or without security patches, posing a potential security threat. The use of unsupported web servers can jeopardize system security as these servers function as weak links.

From a system security perspective, utilizing unsupported servers can put an entire network at risk due to potential security vulnerabilities. Outdated software makes it easier for malicious actors to infiltrate systems and engage in harmful activities. Regular evaluation of web server versions and proactive planning for upgrades is essential to maintaining a secure and resilient web infrastructure.


Running an unsupported web server can have several detrimental impacts on your organization's security and operational efficiency:

  • Unsupported web servers are more susceptible to known vulnerabilities, as they do not receive security patches and updates. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access, compromise sensitive data, or disrupt services.
  • Unsupported web servers may fail to meet compliance requirements and industry regulations, exposing your organization to legal and regulatory penalties. Non-compliance can damage your reputation and undermine customer trust.
  • Operating an unsupported web server can lead to operational difficulties. It becomes harder to troubleshoot issues, implement new features, or integrate with other systems, hindering productivity and efficiency.


To mitigate the risks associated with running an unsupported web server, consider implementing the following mitigation strategies:

  • Determine if an upgrade or migration to a supported web server version is feasible. Evaluate the compatibility of your applications, plugins, and dependencies with the new server version and plan a phased migration strategy.
  • If upgrading is not immediately possible, apply available security patches and updates to the current web server. Although this may not address all vulnerabilities, it can provide temporary protection until an upgrade or migration is feasible.
  • Consider isolating the unsupported web server within a separate network segment to minimize its exposure to potential threats. This can help contain any potential security breaches and limit the impact on the rest of the infrastructure.





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