August's Cyber Underworld: Exploring Novel Malware Families on the Darkweb

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

August's Cyber Underworld: Exploring Novel Malware Families on the Darkweb

In a time when the digital realm constantly transforms, the continuous surge of cyber threats and malware emphasizes the vital significance of proactive threat intelligence. 

As the guardians of digital security, Threatmon introduces "August's Cyber Underworld: Exploring Novel Malware Families on the Darkweb" a comprehensive examination that unveils the perpetually changing landscape of cyber threats and delivers invaluable insights into the malicious activities permeating the hidden corners of the web. Through this report, we aim to empower organizations, security professionals, and decision-makers with actionable intelligence to bolster their cyber defenses against the ever-evolving array of digital threats. Our mission remains to shine a light on the hidden corners of cyberspace, delivering a comprehensive perspective on emerging malware variants and their potential impact, all while providing crucial insights into the evolving realm of cyber threats via statistical analysis.

Key findings include:

  • From sophisticated ransomware iterations to covert data thieves, our experts offer an extensive overview of the tactics employed by these malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities and infiltrate systems.
  • It focuses on the statistical landscape of malware and provides insights from the wealth of data accessible through open threat exchange sources.
  • By leveraging the power of real-time threat data, we provide an in-depth analysis of trends, patterns, and shifts in the malware landscape.
  • Against ever-evolving digital threats, organizations must strengthen their cyber defenses and security professionals and decision-makers with actionable intelligence.

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