The Rise of Dark Power: A Close Look at the Group and their Ransomware

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

The Rise of Dark Power: A Close Look at the Group and their Ransomware

Ransomware has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with cybercriminals targeting individuals and organizations alike. Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system, data, or files until a ransom is paid. It is a cyber attack in which cybercriminals use encryption to lock the victim's files and demand payment in exchange for a decryption key. The Dark Power ransomware group emerged with a swift attack, infiltrating more than 10 organizations across industries in less than a month. 

In this report, which we prepared as a ThreatMon Cyber Threat Intelligence company, we delve into ransomware and the Dark Power ransomware group. We present methods such as malware analysis, threat hunting, proactive cyber threat intelligence, analysis, and reporting techniques.

Key findings include:

  • The Dark Power ransomware group uses the Nim programming language to create ransomware. Their use of the Nim language places them in a position different from that of other groups. 
  • Dark Power's Attacks The Dark Power ransomware group operates globally, with alleged victims in Algeria, the Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Israel, Peru, the US, and Turkey.
  • Dark Power's Spread Methods Like many other types of ransomware, the Dark Power ransomware group is generally thought to spread via phishing emails or by exploiting vulnerabilities in software or operating systems.
  • Once the target system computer is infected, the ransomware begins encrypting files on the system, making them inaccessible to the user. 

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