Malware Under the Radar: September Insights and Darkweb Discoveries

The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection and Response, Q2 2023

Malware Under the Radar: September Insights and Darkweb Discoveries

In an era marked by the continuous evolution of the digital landscape, the relentless surge of cyber threats and malicious software underscores the critical importance of proactive threat intelligence. As custodians of digital security, Threatmon presents “Unveiling Malware in the Shadows: Insights from September and the Darkweb.” 

This comprehensive analysis delves into the ever-changing cyber threat environment, providing invaluable insights into the nefarious activities lurking within the hidden corners of the internet. Through this report, our objective is to equip organizations, security professionals, and decision-makers with actionable intelligence to fortify their defenses against the ever-evolving array of digital threats.

Key findings include: 

  • The obscure recesses of the online world, commonly referred to as the Darkweb, persist as a fertile breeding ground for innovative yet malevolent cyber threats. 
  • In the first part of this report, we venture into the secretive domain of the Darkweb to unearth the latest additions to the arsenal of malware variations. 
  • Serving as a guiding light, the report’s second section focuses on the statistical landscape of malware, extracting insights from the wealth of data available through open threat exchange sources
  • By harnessing the power of 4 real-time threat data, we deliver an in-depth analysis of trends, patterns, and shifts within the malware landscape.

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